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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 2, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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>> if they want to donate go to toysfortabots or living social, they have a great thing where they match every for $5. >> tomorrow, tune in for ivanka trump. you are giving up like that? >> i'm driving off in the sunset. see you next time! >> see me after the show. ♪ a fox news alert. you will hear a lot about this. the u.s. inchs closer to a potential economic disaster. we only have less than a month before the so-called fiscal cliff and house speaker boehner said congressional republicans are "nowhere in talks with the white house." they are trying. good morning. i'm jamie colby. great to have you here. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. good morning. in an exclusive interview with "fox news sunday," speaker boehner says negotiations are
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at a standstill. this is as treasury secretary tim geithner says the president is ready for what he calls difficult concessions. mr. boehner says he was flabbergasted at the white house stance on what they say needs to be done. peter doocy has details this morning on the latest developments from washington. good morning, peter. >> good morning, eric. spieger boehner said negotiations are nowhere, period and he called treasury secretary tim geithner's presentation of the white house proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff earlier in week "nonserious." >> i was flabbergasted. i lookedded a him like you can't be serious. i've just never seen anything like it. you know we have seven weeks between election day and the end of the year. three of those weeks have been wasted with this nonsense. >> reporter: here is what has the speaker flabbergasted.
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the white house would like to raise tax rates on top earners to where they were in the clinton administration, 39.6%. they would also like to raise $1.6 trillion with new taxes over the next decade, while cutting about $400 billion through entitlement reform. although, those cuts are not specific and not guaranteed. but the treasury secretary says the administration's plan is fiscally responsible and would prevent taxes from going up on 98% of americans. >> we think that is a very good set of proposals. we think it's good for the economy. if they have different suggestions they want to go further in some areas, then they should lay odds with us. >> reporter: secretary geithner said he cannot promise we will not go over the fiscal cliff and whether or not we go over it depends -- is a decision, rather, that lay in the hands of republicans that don't want to increase tax rates. speaker boehner said there is a chance we go over the cliff,
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but he doesn't want any part of that and he will do everything he can to avert that. eric, jamie? >> eric: peter, negotiations if and when they commence and continue, we'll see what happens. thank you, peter. jamie? >> jamie: well, you will also want -- we're going to talk, actually, to chris wallace and get a preview about that interview. hard to believe he has both tim geithner and john boehner. from the looks of it, john boehner does seem to be flabbergasted. we'll get to that shortly. >> eric: that is on "fox news sunday." later today, exclusive interview with speaker boehner. sunday at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> jamie: well, there is a push by the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell as well to put medicare and social security on the table to try and the budget crisis we're talking about. mcconnell telling the "wall street journal" that those are the kind of things that would get republicans interested in new revenue. maybe bipartisan. john fund, a columnist for the "national review magazine." good morning.
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>> good morning. >> jamie: great to have you here this morning. >> thanks. >> jamie: we have less than a month left as we have been talking about went're now in december for the fiscal cliff. what truly is on the table where both democrats and republicans are concerned? do you see anything they agree on? >> we have four weeks to go and so far there is not very much. remember, president obama said in the campaign he favored a balanced approach to getting over the fiscal cliff. balanced normally means about 50/50. 50% spending restraint. 50% revenue enhancement. but the president's proposal is apparently something like 80% tax increases. 20% spending restraint. unspecified. unspecified means it won't ever happen. >> jamie: what do you expect to happen given the fact that speaker boehner says that the white house is not willing to compromise on anything. if you are an american and you are sitting at home, maybe you are relying on entitlements. do you think both sides will
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have to cut entitlements and which ones? >> guest: entitlement reform will have to become part of a comprehensive approach early in the next year. i don't think in the holiday period you will be able to sort out any kind of a grand bargain. what really should worry americans is taxes will go up on everybody, unless some resolution is made by december 31. that will weaken the economy. that will ultimately weaken the people who pay the bills for entitlements. that is the first problem we have. >> jamie: so everybody gets taxed an you wouldn't expect income to rise. the unemployment situation, where does that go? >> guest: the best results we can expect from the fourth quarter is 1% economic growth. that's pathetic. we may tip in to recession in the first quarter of next year if taxes go up as much as they do. it's the largest tax increase in american history. what i think we can do, and what would make the most sense since both sides seem to be dug in, let's build a bridge
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over the fiscal cliff, temporary bridge that says, you know, we will extend the tax cuts. you know, we'll reduce the spending cuts, especially in defense. we've going to do it for three months, six months. then we can have some time to look at this responsibly. remember, congress and the president never do anything that close to a good job if they are on a deadline or rush timetable. you know, we got obamacare because of that. that is going to prove a mess. we have gotten all kind of tax deals where things never really materialize. you know, ronald reagan had such a deal at the last minute in 1982, and out of every 100 cents of spending restraint he only got 75 cents because the deal was written so badly went need to take the time on this and not view december 31 as arbitrary deadline. >> jamie: it would be great if we did things in steps. i thought about this with the initial stimulus. why not spend a little and see what happens this but the white house said according to the reports -- let me get it
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right -- $400 billion in long-term reductions to medicare and medicaid. that is something they say they would agree to down the road. >> guest: right. >> jamie: read between the lines for me. is that just to pay for obamacare? >> guest: medicare has take an big hit. a lot of medicare money to hospitals is being taken away. and given to the medicaid program. which is for long-term care of the poor. the problem with that is the hospitals ultimately run out of money if the reimbursement rates fall below a certain level. unless they are reimbursed they will go out of business, which will hurt medicare patients. if you are going to cut medicare, do it carefully. the arp said today they will impose all medicare cuts. that means you can't run against the buzz saw of the aarp unless you've done it carefully. again, we need to build a temporary bridge to avoid the fiscal cliff and sort this out when we have time.
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>> jamie: all right. the american medical association initially endorsed obamacare and backtracked, too. we have to see what happens. i guess the president wants what he wants. we vehicle to see whether both sides can come together. thank you so much, john. have a great day. >> guest: thanks. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: jamie, fox news alert from egypt now. the top court of the country announced it suspended its work indefinitely. that because of the protest by supporters of islamist president mohammed morsi. the court was set to rule on the legitimacy of the islamist dominated panel that drafted the new constitution. but it now says it cannot operate in what it calls a "climate filled with hatred." steve harrigan live in cairo at the moment with the latest developments. not very encouraging, steve. good morning. >> reporter: certainly not. in a blow to the egypt constitutional court. judges were going to meet today but the building they were going to meet in was surrounded by protesters in
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favor of the egypt president mohammed morsi. the judges were too concerned about trying to enter the building. they failed to do so. they said they would not meet anymore under the atmosphere of fear and intimidation. to an example of mob rule here. justices building surrounded and the justices failing to meet today. as far as the constitution, pushed through in one night, earlier in the week, it's now set to go to a referendum. nationwide vote on this. december 15. president morsi said those extreme powers which he adopted would be void. perhaps in two weeks time if the constitution is adopted. finally, another show of public support for the president, demonstrators came out here to the university of cairo yesterday. again, in support of president morsi. many of them from the muslim brotherhood. about 200,000 strong. much larger crowd there. behind me on tahrir square, these demonstrators here, again, president morsi. back to you. >> eric: all right, we'll keep an eye on the situation as it develops today. steve, thank you very much. jamie? >> jamie: well, eric, taliban militants storming a
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joint u.s. and afghan air base early this morning in jalalabad. detonating explosives at the main gate there and that blast kicking off a gun bat that lasted two hours. nato spokesperson said none of the gunman breached the nation's perimeter but reports of five afghan soldiers killed, at least nine attackers died in the fighting. >> eric: israel is taking steps today in response to the successful palestinian bid for nonmember observer status at the united nations. israel now withholding $100 million in tax revenue from the palestinians. this after israel announced new settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. aapparently in response to the u.n. general assembly win by the palestinians last thursday. joining us now as he does every sunday at this time, former united states ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. also a fox news contributor. good morning, ambassador. >> guest: good morning, eric. glad to be with you. >> eric: as always. of course. the u.n. vote, does it really
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instead make peace more difficult and compromise more complicated in that region? >> guest: absolutely. this vote was fundamentally illegitimate. there is no palestinian state. there is nothing that meets the custnary international law definition. the palestinian authority violated the oslo accord trying to change the status of the west bank and gaza through a means other than negotiation. i have to say it was a vote that could have been won by the united states and israel. but that, leave it for another day. i think israel is responding appropriately. i think that the initial israeli reaction sort of shuts the whole thing off was a mistake. this is a serious problem. and i think they are well within their legitimate rights to take the steps they take. >> eric: you said something fascinating, you think the vote could have been won. it was overwhelming. 138-4. nine against, 41 abstentions. how do you think, ambassador, israel and the u.s. and
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israel's allies could potentially have won this? >> guest: the same way that the george h.w. bush administration defeated very similar efforts by what was then the palestine liberation organization in 1989-1990 to enhance the status in the u.n. at that time, secretary of state jim baker said flatly and unequivocally if any u.n. organization enhanced the plo's status from that of observer organization, that he would recommend to the president that the united states cut off all funding, assessed or voluntary to that u.n. agency. you know, that worke worked in e world health organization, it worked in unesco and the general assembly. the issue was dead for 20 years until the obama administration showed weakness on that point last year in unesco. that vote that admitted the palestinian authority as a member state foreshadowed what happened last week. it was entirely avoidable. the loss brought on by the
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united states weakness. >> eric: a group of bipartisan senators, or saying just that. they are threatening to cut off the palestinian funding. $500 million because of this. from your view, susan rice and the obama administration did what? >> guest: well, i think they gave up the most potent weapon that the united states has. the financial weapon. in almost any case that matters to us in the general assembly, we're going to be out-voted unless we're prepared to use the financial weapon. that runs contrary to every multilateralist instinct of the obama white house. they paid a price for it. israel paid a price for it, too. >> eric: why is it seemingly one-sided? i remember when you voted against the human rights council. nine votes against it. us. canada, czech republic, israel, marshall islands, macronesia, palau and nairu. they seem to be the steadfastest allies at the u.n., palau and nairu.
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>> guest: this demonstrates the permanent anti-israel, anti-american majority in the u.n. it will be broken only by strong measures by the united states. the irony is for those who are strong supporters of the united nations, this resolution dramatically undercuts the u.n. credibilit credibility. weakens the u.n. profoundly. we will see the further ramifications to that in congress as well. members who will now seek to cut off or limit u.s. con u.s. contributions in response. >> eric: if that happen what is is the impact? >> it might demonstrate to some people they have to take the votes at the u.n. more seriously. we are in a deficit situation, as people have been discussing the past several weeks so there are potential in congress for the house and senate members. >> eric: billions of dollars. of taxpayers money that goes to the u.n.
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ambassador bolton, thank you for your insight. >> guest: thank you, eric. >> jamie: a fox news extreme weather alert. flood in effect for the west coast. yet another storm is approaching. folks are preparing for worst. severe weather threatening to bring more rain to an area that is already been drenched. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth live from the fox news extreme weather center. if you know rick is hanging out, it must be serious. how bad? >> really bad. this is the second batch of storms they have had this month. earlier in month, a lot of areas saw ten plus inchs of rain. now we have had another series of storms last week where we have seen ten plus inches of rain. the ground is saturated. this storm is windy. windy conditions across colorado, spreading across the intermountain west. the ground is saturated, if you take that wind and we will see more trees going over across parts of -- especially in northern california. that is really where the bullseye of the rain has been. all kind of flooding concerns,
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flood watches and warning in effect from san louis obipspo to oregon. we are seeing the precipitation in oregon and washington as well, but the bullseye really has been across northern california. this is the future radar. we see the rain, it dies down toward the south, maybe rain in los angeles then a break for the day tomorrow. then the next storm moves in on tuesday. all of the pacific northwest to northern california again. after that, we start to see things calm down. we have to get through the next couple of days with heavy rain. the heaviest in san francisco, up around sacramento. a lot of the rivers here are well past flood stage. a couple of them likely even getting toward the all-time records. one other thing, a little rain moving to the northeast today. not any huge problems. i have a long with it, very warm conditions. we are going to see all kind of record high temperatures broken. in the 60s across the northern plains in early
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december. that is very, very warm. >> jamie: that part i can't believe. we hope folks will be safe out there. rick, thanks. >> eric: you know the clock is ticking, neither side is budging on the talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. coming up, chris wallace sits down with treasury secretary tim geithner and republican house speaker john boehner and he will explore what is keeping them from reaching a deal. >> jamie: also a freight train derailing, leaking dangerous chemicals in the air. investigators may now have identified a cause. clean-up continues. folks hopefully getting back in their homes. could that accident have been avoided? >> eric: former president george h.w. bush, he is still in the hospital this weekend. recovering from a bout of bronchitis. coming up, the sunday "housecall" doctors are here to explain why it can be dangerous for some people. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> eric: there are new reports this morning that aging infrastructure on the railroad track may be to blame for that train derailment in new jersey. cars caring toxic chemicals overturned on bridge in pollsborough on friday and that spewed dangerous gases in the air. the conductor did inspect a bridge before getting permission to cross it. only the first seven cars went across the bridge before seven other cars derailed. still on sunday morning 12 city blocks remain under
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evacuation because of that. >> jamie: some brand new reaction to tell you about to the apparent stalemate in the fiscal cliff talks. in two huge interviews on "fox news sunday" today. chris wallace sitting down for exclusive interview with republican house speaker john boehner. he also got the white house position from treasury secretary tim geithner. >> i would say we're nowhere, period. we're nowhere. we put a serious offer on the table to put the re-knews up there to get the question resolved and the white house responded with virtually nothing. they actually asked for more revenue than they have had for the entire time. >> you heard them for the first time in two decades, acknowledge they are willing to have revenues go up as the balance plan. that is to good first step but they have to tell us what they want to do on rates and re-knews. that is hard for republicans and we understand that. but there is no way without that. they have to tell us on the
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spending time what they want to do go beyond and what makes sense to them. >> jamie: joining me now the anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> jamie: it sounds from the treasury secretary like there is still the finger pointing going on. but it sounds like from the speaker boehner that republicans have budged, they have put some things on the tablebe that the white house we know wants. where does it end? >> well, it ends either staying on this side of the cliff or going over. we have 30 days. we had an interview with geithner and exclusive interview with boehner, and i suggest, these are the two point men in negotiations. if you want to know the issues or the mood of where things stand, you need to watch the show. what really happened on thursday geithner came with the first serious comprehensive white house plan. and boehner says he was flabbergasted at it, because one, geithner asked for twice as much as the republicans
7:24 am
were offering in new taxes. not just closing loopholes or deductions but insisting there is an increase to the top clinton tax rate of 39.6%. on the spending side, it was a lot less than the republicans had been asking for. no structural reform of entitlement. $400 billion in changes. but on the margin, basically repeat of the president's budget. some other spending cuts but less than what they had been expecting. so the republicans are very disappointed. i think it's fair to say boehner is angry. they are nowhere. so is this the first stage and theatrics and appealing to the base? maybe it is. we have 30 days to get from the theater to the reality. >> jamie: we have the holidays as well mixed in there. we really are on a deadline now. it is nerve-wracking for americans to watch bickering.
7:25 am
do you sense two sides can come together? is white house position different from what president obama says and stated on the campaign trail? >> yes now. they talk about $800 million in new revenue but $1.6 trillion. that is literally double about what the president talked about on the campaign. he talked about a balanced approach that everybody thought to be the bowles-simpson condition was 3 to 1. spending cut to tax increases. this doesn't work out near there. geithner says it's 2-1. a lot of people would say they are taking $1 trillion they already agreed to over a year ago. taking almost another trillion dollars of ending the wars we're going to end anyway. not a shrinking of government. so to get 2 to 1, you have to do a little bit of budget manipulation, let's put it.
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you talk about the holidays. boehner and geithner can sit together in the room and work it out if they have the will to do so. there is the time to do so. but you know, is there a disposition? is either side willing to give what they need to give? >> jamie: the real question, i know they talk to you. are they talking to each other? you did it separately so you didn't have a green room discussion going on. keep us posting. great to see you. have a great sunday. the show will be informative, folks. the fiscal cliff is complicated but chris will break it down with the important guests. exclusive interview with the house speaker john boehner and also the discussion with tim geithner on "fox news sunday" airing at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern only on fox. >> eric: hopefully they will break it down and explain it completely. coming up, the doctors will be here to talk about our health. researchers say they now have
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